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An Online Community Aimed At Raising The Vibration

Ready to Raise Your Vibration with Soul Shift Collective?

Click the button below to go to our online course and community forum!

We are looking forward to connecting!

We created this online collective to bring together wonderful people from around the globe who would like to join us in raising the vibration!


In our collective you will find a monthly membership with a rich resource of spiritual topics and monthly encouragements to guide you on your spiritual path.  We also have offerings of individual stand alone courses if you are interested in delving deeper into a specific spiritual topic.  All courses are accompanied by weekly Soul Work.  You will also find each Soul Talk beneficial to your learning. Finally, we have new ideas we hope to implement in the future and many fun ways that we can pass along as much information to you as possible!


What makes our collective so special is that you will gain new wisdom and explore topics alongside a diverse community of humans who are soulfully deepening together in their spirituality. 
Soul Shift Collective is the embodiment of love, higher vibrations, oneness, wisdom, and a shift in our universal being.
Whether you are new to your spiritual journey or are someone who has a good foundation of knowledge but has been searching for your tribe then you are in the right place! 
We invite you all to join us. 
We invite you to deepen your spiritual roots into Mother Earth. 
To raise your vibration.
To connect with like minded spiritual beings from around the globe. 
To grow. 
To delve deeper with your soulful, beautiful, unique self.
To shift your soul in a loving, non judgmental community.

Amy & Kristin grew up in the same city but didn't meet until 2016 and they were instant soul sisters with young kids the same age.  Over the past years they have expanded their knowledge and spiritual practices together in the most harmonious way. Where one may miss knowledge, the other is quickly able to fill it in.  At the beginning of 2020 they came up with this idea and are so excited to finally bring it to fruition.  Amy & Kristin's relationship is how they want to meet each and every person they meet; genuine, with the best of intentions, non-judgmental, and love.  They both have set the highest of intentions to make Soul Shift Collective a sincere and consistent place.

Amy Yuwana 

Holy Fire Reiki Master, Usui Reiki Certified, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Crystal Practitioner, Yoga Education Certificate (200 hours)

Kristin Schollander 

Certified Meditation Instructor, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Usui Reiki Certified, Certified Crystal Healer, Advanced Crystal Practitioner, Intuitive Guidance


“I have always hoped to find a meaningful community of like minded spiritual people that is founded in high vibrations, sincere intentions, and loving support. I am so excited to see all the joys that Soul Shift Collective will bring my life.”

Anne C.

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